Friday, December 31, 2004

Bloggers get together!

Whenever an individual finds the mood to write, it’s basically due to some inspiration drawn from experience. Therefore, a journal (or a blog, at that) represents very intimate details about its writer. It exudes a whole gamut of ideas and gut-level personal insights which consequently render its reader to “feel” for the writer. Here, one realizes that even without seeing the writer in person, an intimate relationship, a connection, a bond ensues even in the absence of personal contact.

Last night was special :) Both writers and readers, who also alternate as pundits, had the chance to get together for a party! (Thanks to the proponents: Ms. Sassy and Yuga. Mabuhay kayo!) Needless to say, due to this so-called “intimate” relationship, it wasn’t difficult to mingle with a bunch of “strangers”, who are strangers only because most of them are known to us by their pseudonyms! Brilliant and audacious writers spoke of the mundane and humdrum…very down-to-earth…very friendly :) (Well, I had to make an explanation for not being able to write and comment for the past so many number of months. Now that I’ve resolved to be back, I’d see to it that I’ll have something to share, at least, once a week.)

The get together has signaled the start of a better relationship between the blogger and the reader. Although distanced by cyberspace, we now get to appreciate the persons behind the blog much more than ever.

Hats off to Ms. Sassy and Yuga! We look forward to another one like this :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

mahal mo siya, mahal niya'y iba...

Eto na naman itong ganitong klaseng kwento...kwento ng mahal mo siya, mahal niya'y iba.

Sabi nga dun sa isang soap, pwede namang magmahal, kahit hindi siya ang iyong nakakatuluyan. Sa totoo lang, masasabi mo lang yan, pag alam mong deep in your heart, this person feels something for you too, whether it's love or hate, there are some feelings for you, di ba? (hehehe parang malabo yung hate...but no! it only means kung hate ka niya, it's temporary and just find a way to reconcile!)

Sabi dun sa movie ng mga bagets (yeah right! baduy na kung baduy, di ko ikinahihiyang nanood ako ng Bcuz Of U! hehehe...cute yung movie ha?), tawag sa ganitong mga tao ay LOSER, o sadyang PATHETIC!

Does one really have to spread himself/herself so thinly, just to catch this person's attention? I believe that one only becomes a loser when he/she doesn't do anything at all!!! Mygas! Gone are those days na uupo ka lang at maghihintay! Anong hihintayin mo? Even when pigs can fly, hinding hindi ka papansinin ng mahal mong kaibigan kung tatayo ka lang na parang tuod, at hihintayin mong pansinin ka (buti pa nga yung puno, tinatabihan) you have to make an effort to make this person realize that you're worth his/her while.

However, your problem sets in when he/she claims to be in love with someone else...mahal mo siya, mahal niya'y iba (aduuuy!!!) *sob*

I used the word "claim" coz hanggat di pa nakakasal yang si irog mo sa honey niya, ambivalent pa rin yan! Meron nga diyang mahigit 5 taon nang mag-on... Ayun! Hanggang dun na lang pala and they split!(ooops! Pasintabi po!). Dahil ang totoo, sa paniwala ko, ang puso na marunong magmahal ay MAARING magmahal ng di lang iisang tao. But of course, one of the greatest means of showing true love is through loyalty...great love, immense sacrifice!

Ngayon, di ko sinasabing tamang mang agaw ng girlfriend o boyfriend ng iba ha! (At lalong lalo na, yung mangolekta ng bf/gf!...hmp!!!) Bad yun ha?!?!?! Pero, pag napansin ka niya (because of who you are), at nagkataong ang napansin niya ay qualities na gusto niya, that's where friendship starts (huh??? friends lang?!?...hehehe...for starters, yes!)

E pano kung friends na talaga kayo? Mmmm... kung talagang mahal mo, e di, just be there for him/ a true friend! someone who's sweet and understanding... someone who can give sound advice...a shoulder to lean and cry on... the usual stuff para sa mga martir ;p masamang mang agaw!!! hehehe ;p pasasaan pa yan, malay mo, mapansin ka rin...

E pano kung talagang sinabi sa yo na "sorry talaga, but i can't imagine being romantically involved with you...(ouch!)" well, kung talagang sila, sorry tsong/tsang, talagang sila. Kung hindi naman, a twist of fate may still happen (hope springs eternal!) ...pero wag mong ipagdarasal na di sila magkatuluyan o di kaya'y gayumahin mo! (tsk, tsk, kilala ako'ng ganyan...buti na lang, di siya blogger... hehehe) ;p Sounds martir, but a relationship that is half-baked is
unlikely to be successful.

Cheer up guys! Chances are, someone's looking at you, too! Masyado ka lang busy at di mo na napapansin, o pinapansin! (minsan naman kasi, talagang walang dating eh!) So who says you're
a loser? Pathetic? Nah!!! Just perfectly in love! ;p

"Love and light!"

in recluse

I had to forgo blogging for half a year for a couple of reasons...
1) i've been back to the normal grind...schoolwork for this year is relatively heavy due to a number of good reasons; and
2) i wanted to refrain from saying anything that will certainly be used against me, and thereby, tarnish my reputation as an educator.

Anyway, i'm back, and that's all that matters...

and to whoever feels happy or slighted in whatever i write here, my favorite principal would put it, "if the hat fits, wear it!"