Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Praying Feet

have you seen feet that pray? =)

after so long a time of being in hiatus, and after resigning from work to prepare for my work abroad, thought of going back to my blogkadahan

for this month (or so), check out our website and see how this group pray with our feet hehehe yup! we've got actual pictures of our feet (and calves, and hair, bunions, callouses, etc.) put together as if in prayer! this is batjay's idea and for the love of God, visit the site so you may get a glimpse of what's in our heads...and our feet as well =)

c'mon, be good now, just click on this link and you're in for a kick =)

and by the way, upcoming for next month is one juicy topic that everyone can be really interested in...versatility is the name of the game, and just to show you that the group can write on just about anything, brace yourselves for the topic on s*e*x... yes! i'll be posting an announcement on this and be ready for your brains to be titillated by these sexy prolific minds =)