Sunday, January 22, 2006

10 sexiest men for 2006

to start off the year, here's a list of my 10- sexiest men... pure inspiration =)

10. Tony Manero, otherwise known as John Travolta. if you were not born yet to see that awesome movie Saturday Night Fever, you missed out on the sexiest man who ever walked Hollywood during the 70's. a man in double knit pants never looked so awesome on the dance floor.

9. Pretty Woman's heartthrob was every single woman's dream date. always the gentleman, always cool and suave...whew!

8. you're wondering what Rep. Francis Escudero is doing on this list? i find being fiery quite sexy =)

7. David Robert Joseph Beckham, Royal Madrid's first team player has star potential. sexy, undaunted...

6. Neo, John Constantine, Kevin Lomax, Nelson Moss...otherwise known as Keanu Reeves...who wouldn't fall in love with this versatile actor?

5. fine, i was smitten by his gorgeous smile...Jericho Rosales is handsomely filipino...

4. he's obnoxiously handsome, despite his flawed english...Jerry Yan made me watch Meteor Garden to the last me shallow, but i was gaga over him for quite a while...eto ang itsurang maginoo, pero medyo bastos =)

3. yeah, yeah, i got a penchant for weird looking guys...Johnny Depp is simply adorable in all of his matter how strange his roles were. that's exactly why he's sexy...he's unique, creative and weird =)

2. absolutely charming, intelligent and straightforward...aside from the fact that i can really get attracted to someone who has a way with ladles and chopping boards, Chef Jamie Oliver is one reason why Discovery channel is worth watching.

and first in my list is...

Ken saw him in the Last Samurai, Batman Begins, and yes, Memoirs of a Geisha as the handsome Chairman. i am specially drawn towards men who exude an air of mystery...and yes, his expressive eyes never fail to melt my heart away. wish he can be mine =)