Thursday, December 17, 2009

*Now Winter Come Slowly

It was very nippy outside, half wished I didn't change into a green dress, tights and boots. I thought the boots would keep me warm, but the breeze was harsh against my thighs, sending some chills up my back and belly. Was it the cold that sent ripples to my gut, or was it the thought of having you sit right next to me?

I made it back to my SUV, turned on the heat, and headed towards your place...a song kept playing in my head...a sweet melody that tuned in with my mood.

The ride was pretty short, and as I pulled into your driveway, I told myself, good things are never made to last...but that's not for certain...If I turned away from this, I know I'd regret an eternity of not having known the wonder that was set before me.

You left the front door open so I ushered myself in...and there you were at the foyer, beaming with that smile...a little treat that takes me to heaven...and back :)

Guess by now you already know how attached I am to my iPod...the song was "Angel", one of the many Jack Johnson songs I listen to...the song was pretty, so I shared my earphones, drawing you closer...your hands wrapped around my waist, my arms around your strong shoulders...the song created this sweet, sweet rhythm that we swayed slowly to...those deep blue eyes staring back at must have seen the void...

There was warmth in that encounter...fleeting, yet sweet. Now winter come slowly...I don't mind the inevitable cold you bring...meantime, I need to pause and keep this memory.

*Now Winter Come Slowly is a Sting song included in his new album If On A Winter's Night