Sunday, September 18, 2005

ice cream

hi EA!

this one's for you.

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When love is likened to ice cream and chocolate, gratification is instant and intense. And while the experience is fleeting, it brings an emotion that makes you want to taste it over and over again...terribly exhilirating, yet temporary =)

EA, you should know the feeling.


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Amethyst said...

Hi, there. Been so long. Anyway, for some reason I cannot access my blog. Would have wanted to share some of my stories. I can see you have a pretty interesting life. I'm having fun reading, serious! Just to let you know I'm still out here.

joyce said...

hello there!
actually, what makes it interesting is the fact that i'm not afraid to try new things, entertain fresh ideas, and finally try to discern what will work for me. i usually find myself in a nasty situation (hehehehe...dahil sa katigasan ng ulo ko), but i don't regret having tried the pano ko malalaman kung di ko susubukan, di ba? and as for this entry, i dedicated the song to someone who tried to have a taste of what he thinks will give him some "life" into his otherwise uneventful existence =) kung baga, been-there-done-that...