Saturday, June 24, 2006

road signs

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yep, it's been a while...busy with call center work, haaayyy matatapos na rin, salamat!
but being part of that company isn't really so bad, learned to survive no matter how much i struggled to be productive (hanggang sa huli, inaantok pa rin ako...well, someone kept me busy during the day kaya ganon...sorry guys), keep quality standards high...sorry fiya, you have an old dog here, goodluck on your new recruit...
bpsi times, glad to be part of the group, thank you eli. hey, i hope you like the article, last hurrah, at least i stood by you til the last day despite the dwindling number of writers...salamat napagtiyagaan mo ko kahit laging late ako mag submit...will miss you'll be a very good father, i know...i just know.
q-busters...will miss you...johnxion, me-an, eka, menjo, coi, ken, mikey, yula, david...o sige na, isama na si miam! you guys made life easier when graveyard shift never really suited my system...hey eka, love this song, perfect timing :-)
been oblivious to road signs lately...nahuli ako ng pulis sa edsa...TWICE IN A ROW...ask me how long the interval was... hmm? less than 2 minutes! hehehe...record breaker ba? first time, never again!!! violations? secret! hehehe...may studyante ako'ng nagbabasa, it's not what you think it is...and i reiterate, i have been very oblivious to life's road signs lately...di bale...i'm paying my ticket.
thank God, i'm leaving daughter's prepared, she'll come see me naman, so no problem there...a palmist told me i'm getting married to a filipino in the US, will have 2 kids...shux :) it's been awhile, jacinth would love to be an ate :) will be married within the next 4 years! oh baby, open your arms, i'll be there soon! que magkatotoo o hindi, i'm the maker of my own destiny, and this is exactly what i want :)
updates? soon :)


jacinth said...

it's good to know that you survived being a call center agent... but I just hate the fact that you're leaving so soon. don't worry about things. they will be alright soon. don't worry about baloo bear. you'll forget him soon. he's confused.

joyce said...

is he? really? hmmm...nah... mama was oblivious to road signs. i will be alright dear, don't worry.

dax said...

You are going to marry me...

joyce said...

hi dax!
dax garcia? is that you? aba! hindi ako pumapatol sa may gatas pa sa labi! di ba 20 ka lang hijo? hehehe kidding!

well dax, such audacity...kulang lang sa conviction hehehe thanks for dropping by!

joyce said...


got 100% in productivity last monday! hmmm...ganito ba talaga pag may tampo ang diding? :) subsob sa trabaho? hehehe walang hingahahan yun! hahahaha

rolly said...

I'm glad things are working out well for you. Great things happen to great people and you are great!

joyce said...

hi sir!
thank you so much! it's about time i reap some of my rewards, but life isn't over yet =) if you think i'm great, it's because of people around me...just like you =)

joyce said...

and tito rolly...i'm not great...i'm just...joyce =)

cent said...

Hi Ms. Rhea! Good luck po sa mga gawain ninyo, and bon voyage! Tsk tsk, ingat po kayo sa kalye; marami pa naman kalahi si Patrolman Durugas, hehe.

And I also pray that you find him soon. :)

P.S. Thank you for the taxi ride kahapon. Hayaan n'yo po; libre ko po kayo 'pag graduate ko. :)

joyce said...

hahahaha! hi millicent!
Right! there's a proliferation of his kind in our streets, i'll take your advice and be more wary next time (wink) :)

as for finding him, well, he should find me! hahahaha it will be his loss if he couldn't :)

it was a pleasure to give you that treat. nah...who knows, maybe our paths will cross again and it will be your turn to help an aging ms. rhea in whatever plight she'll be in :) goodluck millicent! do not lose that enthusiasm. i am so proud of you! :)

love always,
ms. j