Monday, July 05, 2010

I didn't say I don't like your green shirt...

That was the third date that I first saw the green Mickey Mouse shirt. I don't mean to be whimsical about it, but I thought it looked good on you. I have a penchant for the extraordinary, and that unusual shade of green, I thought, looked really hot on you.

If only to prove my point, here are the reasons why I (also) like green:

#1 I used to teach at the De La Salle Santiago Zobel School, the home of the Junior Green Archers. Of all the schools in the Philippines where I used to teach, DLSZ is closest to my heart. It is here where I became the educator that I am (I'd like to think that I am good because VB hired me lol). That being said, I have embraced green and white as the colors of my La Sallian spirit.
la salle green archers

#2 If I like blue more than green, then I would have aimed to teach at the rival school :) Although the reputation of Ateneo de Manila High School is irrefutably remarkable, at no cost will I have relinquished my post at DLSZ for one at the ADMHS.

#3 Green reminds me of life, of the air we breathe, the beauty of nature...TREES!!! I'm a tree hugger! :)

#4 Green is my daughter's favorite color.

#5 Green is my blog's new color scheme.

and finally,

#6 Green is the color of my first car! I had an '83 Mitsubishi Box-type Lancer.

You see, when I said that I like your green shirt, that wasn't a political statement :) After all, green becomes you (more than yellow)!

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