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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

(my) 10 sexiest men

i visited ja's blog the other week, and i really went kilig over one of her entries on her list of 10 sexiest men.

well ja, here's my own version...i enjoyed doing this =)

#10 sting...his real name, gordon matthew sumner...he's a teacher and the best bassist who can lead sing...i'm practically obssessed by him.

#9 nicholas cage...i wish i'd wake up one morning with those eyes lovingly gazing at me...haaaay

#8 will smith... gorgeous, relentlessly funny!

#7 our former evp, mr. raymund briones...charming smile, impeccable wit, enigmatic

#6 gilbert remulla's undeniably pleasing, on and off the screen...simply dashing!

#5 with or without the long blonde hair, orlando bloom's fascinating!

#4 van leaƱo's my student last of our school's and debonair

#3 ah...witty, charming...that's my tito!...swerte ni korina =)

#2 cute smile, nice voice...perfect behind =)

#1 need i say more?


ladycharlie said...

AGREE ako kay Aga!!!

ting-aling said...

Ay, Tito mo pala ang senator? One of the guys I admire very much in Philippine politics. He seems to be one of the few left who knows what he's talking about (although parang palaging tahimik). May poise.

BernicE said...

hehe feels good huh? well...gilbert is soooooo delish. ive seen him like 20x sa island cove and we use to do the interiors for the governor's office nung daddy pa nya...haaaaaaaay heavenly. smart and CUTE!

haaaaaaay cute din si aga but im more of an ECHO fan:)

psssst van is cute too :)

see ya round miss fabulous joyce!

red_door8 said...

brad pitt -- usually chosen
hehe :p

joyce said...

hi Lady C!

kay aga ko ipinaglihi ang anak ko...hehehe...give him a disheveled look...wala, guwapo pa rin! kainis!

joyce said...

hi Ting Aling!
yup! the good senator is a kin...he's soft me! bwahahahahahaha

joyce said...

hi ja!
van looks like echo, di ba? kid, galing sa math!

joyce said...

hi karla!
tignan mo yang picture niya hawig kay piolo, di ba?

Shadowsoul said...

Collin farrel pa rin ako, bad boy, good in bed!

Nice to meet you kaRLA, kahit hindi tayo masyado nag-usap sa piniyblog party. Link kita huh-grace

Matapoor said...

alam mo ba si Nicolas Cage pedophile in the making pa yata! someone told me that he is now with a 19 year old! eek!

joyce said...

hi grace!
thanks for dropping by...the SWAT guy's bad boy image is indeed a turn-on...maginoo pero medyo bastos!

hi melisse!
if that is true about nicholas cage, well...he's 41 now, the kid's 19...22 years age gap...hay naku! hintayin niya naman sanang maging 25 man lang!...tulad ko! bwhahahahahaha

Dr. Emer said...

Naku bakit wala si Troy Montero ni Tito Rolly? =)

joyce said...

hi doc emer!
nakeow! listahan po ito ng 10 sexiest men...hindi ng low waist gang! hehehehe...peace tayo tito rolly :)

BernicE said...

hey miss joyce! tagal la updte richard gere dang hes sooooooo hot sa shall we lang. HAPPY VALENTINES!

Matapoor said...

joyce, ayan ka nanaman ha... tagal mag update! hehe

Ate Sienna said...

ke Unkel Troy pa rin ako, hehehehe :)

Anonymous said...

Ay, I definitely agree with your #7!

joyce said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
joyce said...

hi melissa! thanks for the reminder :) hehehe...daming trabaho! di bale, lapit na bakasyon :)

ate sienna, if the troy you're pertaining to is tito rolly...hehehe...welcome to the fans club!!! isa lang ang qualification sa club na ito...kelangan myopic ka! hehehe...JOKE! lab u troy!

and to anonymous...
hmmmmmm...taga Zobel ka no?!? bwahahahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Please pray for the immediate recovery of Dean Raymundo A. Briones, former EVP of De La Salle Zobel. He has been at the ICU of Phil. Heart Center since Saturday, March 12, 2005. He is still in comatose. Please pray for mercy.

joyce said...

to anonymous,
Mr. Briones is a good friend of mine. I went to visit with some friends from our school last Sunday. Our entire community has been praying for his recovery while we, just like his family, have entrusted him to God's care.
May I know who this is please?

Anonymous said...

di ba si gilbert, isa sa mga bossing ng organized crime sa cavite?

joyce said...

dear anonymous,

mmm...sorry, i really don't know anything about that...i know him as a broadcaster and my students' uncle...beyond that, wala na po.

thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

cutie talaga c gilbert..i agree