Friday, December 22, 2006

for whatever you do


i found this video and if i had her voice and talent, i'd sing it to you with such ardour, pretty much like the way she did it. the song means a lot to me, to us, and that, the ladybug knows :) she bought a cd without me knowing...isn't that touching? she's getting stuff she knows that are dear to me. it's a way of keeping me "close" to her...and this is my way of keeping you close to me...

people come and go, give us a jolting experience, to say the least...but how can someone never seen, never heard, never touched move me this much?
"but when did common sense prevail for lovers when they know, they never will..."

you say, "for whatever you do..." why? will you come for me? when? you don't know...we don't know...but love stays 'whatever we do'...sounds really great...unconsummated, yet all-consuming...unrequited, yet giving...distant, yet immeasurable...

"impossible to live with you..." but to stay feeling this way, i will.

love always,

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