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Saturday, December 09, 2006

i'll never love this way again

i'll never love this way again

this burt bacharach song was popularized decades ago by dione warwick, but regine's version, i must say, is simply fantastic.

when i worked at the callcenter, my team had a
way of de-stressing ourselves...we sang and communicated to each other through songs that the infamous john sion (or johnxion as we fondly call him), otherwise known as the concert king, would sing out of key, complete with shoulders jerking, a hand raised up in the air to copy the inimitable songbird of the philippines ...a comic relief, a liberating way to placate feelings of perturbation and anger over cussing customers. so i guess i'd safely say that this was our "team" song while i was still with them.

i miss you guys. i can't forget our last day together when you sang this. it broke my heart to leave you, but mommy rhea will always remember.


joyce said...

dear baloo bear,
actually, other than my team mates, this one's for you...ofcourse, you know why. love, in all its splendour, surely has a way of evoking feelings that are authentic. i must admit that i'm guilty of trying to call to mind love as necessitated by circumstances, i'm sure that i did not succeed at all. there was no spontaneity, happiness, what am i saying?

i've accepted the fact...your facts...i believe our chance will come...lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime.

i'll never love this way again.


Anonymous said...

very touching...
to say that we miss you would make us a whole bunch of understatement-creators. and we don't want to be like that.
we just pray for your success and wish for the time that we meet again. we love you! :)--johnxion

joyce said...

t*n**a johnxion, pinapaiyak mo ko! pasintabi po sa mga mambabasa...i'm just a bit touchy today...haaaay

Baloo said...

still not comfy treading on your grounds... as I find myself getting stuck here & there.

my 1st loss, great at that, a hard turn, round that bend, you're there, always have been... what am I still doin here, I'm coming for you, and maybe bring you your third lunch box

Don't cry, you have no idea what typhoons we've had to endure... :)

joyce said...

baloo bear,
thank you, but it's not a third lunch box i need...i hope anything inevitable will hold up for both of us until you come for me...please hurry.