Tuesday, November 21, 2006

tis written for me...

as angels cry, blood and life ravaged,
heading whirled psyches to destruction
leads me back to the bleak grounds of dry furrows,
to a world beyond the hands of obscurity
from seeping withered scowls come
the shackles of misery
chafing my heart's silent lesions
whilst time meanders like mantras skewing the ears
and dealing dour hours destined to fill eternity
you are bound to ascend to where the clouds reign,

my Magdalene
a woman no one, but I , can ever set free
faint for me

and I shall make you breathe a new life-
for your blood is my wine
your body, my earth
your breath, my air
and your life-

my fire...
i am burning for you,

my Magdalene
i am burning for you



BernicE said...


joyce said...

yes, it is :)

ja, this was written by john robert sion, a 22-yr old communication arts graduate of UPLB. he's a prolific writer, having graduated magna cum laude of his batch. he wrote it for me while i was still with AIG, but he wrote it through the eyes of brian oliver ramirez :) who's brian? hmmm...he's a soulmate

Anonymous said...

mami! ngayon ko lang nabasa! haha btw, cum laude lang ako at magbebeinte dos pa lang.. haha :) miss you!! :)

joyce said...

ah ganon ba??? sana di mo na inamin! hehehehe mishu tooooo!!!