Saturday, November 18, 2006

lusty over red?

last week, a co teacher was telling a story about how her husband got so hot after seeing red sheets covering the matrimonial bed. she said he found it so sexy that he pulled her to bed right there and then, and ofcourse, you know what happened next.

she continued saying she remembered once when she was still single, there was a time when men, a lot of men, dated her. it was a bad thing because those men just wanted one thing: to bed her. and so one day, she visited a friend who's a feng shui master and she candidly told her experiences, believing there could be something mystical going on. true enough, the feng shui master asked her if she was using red sheets to which she said yes. she was advised that red sheets gave her a hottie aura and naturally attracted the men with the wrong intentions. furthermore, being single, she was told to put the red sheet on the bottom mattress and put pink over the top mattress to dissipate the "hotness" and bring romance instead.

hmmm i'm not a feng shui fanatic, but the imp within is pushing me to do some laundry...i've red sheets! hahahaha

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