Saturday, June 19, 2004

happy father's day, dad!

if i'm not mistaken, this picture was taken shortly after my first birthday (as evidenced by the dick tracy gadget on my lap, the ugly duckling and the pooch that seemed to have gotten it's looks after the duckling...and the time date stamped on the picture). by the yellowing of the picture's paper, you can just imagine how long ago this was taken...hehehe (to give you an idea, it was shortly after apollo 11 came back after it's mission to the moon) and the guy over there behind me (don't you think he looks like...lagalag? hehehe), ofcourse, is my dad! well, i was daddy's little girl...we do have a lot of other pictures like this until i was around 5 years old...that's when we left quezon city and decided to stay here in las piƱas...he became a lot busier that time, kaya kumonti ang lakwatsa days namin...but nontheless, i appreciate the wisdom of this old man...makulit minsan, but a lot of the things he's told me were those which i never heard from any of my friends up to this day...thanks dad...thank you so much for that eclectic wisdom that you never fail to impart...thank you for picking me up whenever i stumbled...thank you for putting up with mom's quirks (and staying in that marriage for the longest time)...thank you for staying at home, doing the household work for us when mom had the chance to work...thank you for welcoming me back home, dad...happy father's day :)
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